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Ecommerce Shipping Insurance

Premium protection for lost, damaged or stolen shipments.
Fast resolution with over 97% of claims covered.
Delight customers and earn additional revenue.

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checkbox  Dedicated support

Package insurance with ShipInsure has helped thousands of merchants and customers

Since 2019, ShipInsure has helped thousands of merchants and customers in the United States.



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Lost, stolen and damaged shipments are on the rise

In the United States, lost and stolen shipments are rising and affecting consumer confidence. More than 1.7 million shipments are lost or stolen every day in the United States. According to C+R Research, 43% of American consumers surveyed said they had an ecommerce delivery stolen in 2021. That's a 40% increase from the year prior. Other studies show 49 million Americans have had at least one package stolen in the past 12 months.

The eCommerce shipping Insurance you need

Boost your customers' confidence to buy with ShipInsure

According to research, $25 million in lost shipments are happening in the United States every day. Then there’s the cost of refunds and replacement for damaged, lost or stolen shipments. For your customer service team, this translates into real-time and real-dollars. Lastly, even though shipping is outside your control, customer satisfaction and the likelihood they’ll shop again is lower.


Easy claims resolution for your customers


Low cost, premium protection

From just $0.98 cents per order, your customers can get shipping protection with lost, stolen, or damaged shipments up to $1,000.


Fast claims and resolution

Our team handles the claim. Your customer will simply need to share basic evidence of their issue and in most cases, we provide an instant resolution.


97% claims approval rate

You can be rest assured that your customers are in good hands

AOV by 27% growth

ShipInsure merchants experience 27% average order 
value increase when  ShipInsure is available 

Calculate your savings 

Conversion by 36% growth

Shipinsure merchants experience 36% improvement in customer
conversions when they implement Shipinsure.

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Guided installation and ongoing support

Our app is easy to install and our team of dedicated eCommerce developers is on hand to help you through the installation if you need. ShipInsure appears as a widget when the customer is ready to check out your products. They can select to opt-in for our service.


Easy add to cart and checkout 

ShipInsure integrates with your cart to make it seamless for your customer to add shipping protection to their order, from $0.98 cents. Anything more than $100 is 1% of the order.


ShipInsure is 100% free for merchants

We handle all costs to refund, replace or reship your customer orders. Plus, merchants earn additional revenue through our revenue share program, anywhere from 5% to 30% per order.


Why Merchants Love ShipInsure

"ShipInsure was easy to download and use, it took less than 2 minutes to set up. It helped me not worry about claims for lost packages anymore. I would recommend this app to everyone"

"ShipInsure is really a great app. I love the peace and security it gives my store. I was able to build good brand trust with customers with ShipInsure. All thanks to this app and their support"

"My store was getting a lot of chargebacks due to the products being lost during shipping. But ShipInsure quickly eliminate that. Their support is awesome. I Really recommend this app"


Save costs, grow revenue

ROI Calculator

Please use this table to calculate the estimated savings and Increased revenue that your store can gain by implementing Shipinsure

Yearly Cost to Insure:

How did we get this calculation? The average cost to Insure with the top 3 carries in the U.S

Yearly Volume:

How did we get this calculation? Your daily orders multiplied by 365

Yearly Cost Savings:

How did we get this calculation? By adding your cost to insure and customer service time is saved.

Yearly Revenue Increase:

Our current stores have increased their AOV 30% , the optimal attach rate is 60% we calculated your expected revenue increase when using shipinsure

Staff Hours Saved:

Research states that 3% of all packages get lost , your staff will save all this time since we will be handling all lost in transit claims

Customers' Hours Saved:

Average time to get a refund from USPS, FedEx or UPS is 3+ hours

These calculations are base on assumption that 3% of all packages gets lost

We don't know how your store is going to perform but our current stores have increased their AOV between 25%-60% and the optimal attach rate is 60%

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Frequently Asked Questions?

What is Shipinsure?

ShipInsure is a seamless insurance solution that covers everything from when the product leaves your door until it arrives in the hands of your customer. In the event of any damage or loss during shipping, claims are easily filed on our website, with almost instant approvals, giving you and your customers peace of mind.


With ShipInsure, you don't have to worry about filling out forms or collecting receipts—we handle all of that for you! All you have to do is sign up for ShipInsure and provide us with some basic information about your business and your products. We'll take care of the rest!


Once you're signed up, we'll send out an email letting you know when the coverage begins.


And if something should happen during shipping? No worries! The customer can submit a claim by going online at https://claim.shipinsure.io/file-claim


Get that extra peace of mind so that if a problem does occur (which occasionally it does!) filing a claim is a breeze. Our one-click claims process with instant approvals alleviates headaches and gives you one less thing to worry about. We’re all about improving your experience.

How do customers file a claim?

If you're looking to file a claim, it's easy! Just go to our website here, and you'll be able to do it in under 90 seconds.

All you need is your ShipInsure ID# that was sent to you in an email post purchase. The ID# starts off with: SI


Does ShipInsure work with all Shopify themes?

In fact, for most themes, the widget will automatically detect the right spot to place itself so installation doesn't even require you to touch your templates at all!

For some themes, (or if there have been customizations to your theme), installation might require you to edit your template and place a small code snippet to tell the ShipInsure widget exactly where you want it to show up. If you've installed the ShipInsure app, but the widget is not showing up, you can follow the instructions for how to place the code snippet in your theme. 

The ShipInsure app is running flawlessly in Shopify and Shopify Plus stores using Shopify themes like a, b, c, to paid themes like, a, b, and customized themes. We continue to test on all the major themes as new features and approaches come out from Shopify and other theme developers. The ShipInsure app has also been tested in conjunction with other cart apps related to product recommendations, free shipping, "frequently bought" products, to ensure everything "plays nice" together. We have taken great effort to write our app so that it won't interfere with other plugins or themes.

If any Issues do arise during the installation process feel free to reach out to Merchant@shipInsure.io you can also take a look at out manual installation set-up page. Here

We can also Install the widget for you,  with one of our seasoned Shopify developers. 

Does ShipInsure work with International Merchants?

At the moment we do not. We're sorry for any inconvenience this may cause you.


We understand that there is a growing demand for this and we are currently working on adding this feature to our offerings.


Please feel free to write us back if you have any further questions or concerns about this issue.

How does ShipInsure LLC collect money from it's merchants?

We send an invoice to you every Monday through Stripe.

You can pay by credit card, debit card, or ACH bank transfer.

If you need any assistance setting up your payment method, we're happy to help!

And just to reiterate, ShipInsure is totally free, we are just collecting the money that the customers paid you for our service.

How much does ShipInsure cost?

For the merchant, it's 100% free. For the customer, $.98 on orders under $100. Anything more than $100 is 1% of the order.

ShipInsure is a service that gives your customers the option to buy insurance with their orders. You don't have to pay anything for this service—you keep your existing shipping options on your website and offer premium insurance to your customer as an option in the shopping cart. They can accept or decline in the shopping cart, and we'll send you a detailed bill once a week for all orders that were paid for using our service.

Is ShipInsure a taxable or non-taxable product?

ShipInsure is a taxable product.


Since ShipInsure is added to your store as a "product" it is taxed as a product.


What is covered?

ShipInsure covers your product from the moment it leaves your warehouse until it arrives at your door. If the package is lost, stolen, or damaged in transit, ShipInsure will cover the cost of replacement or repair. Once the product has arrived at its destination, however, coverage ends.

What is Opt-in/Opt-out?

When you install ShipInsure, the default is set to opt-out. This means that if you have ShipInsure installed on your website and a customer goes to place an order, the widget will automatically be added to the order and they can unclick it if they don't want it.

If you don't feel comfortable with this, you can change it in our merchant page. There you can set it to opt-in, which means that for the customer to get our coverage they have to intentionally opt in by clicking the widget. You can change this setting either through your ShipInsure dashboard or through Shopify (click on apps, then click on ShipInsure, then click setting on the right and choose your desired setting).

What Customer Service elements does ShipInsure handle?

We handle all claims regarding shipping packages that were lost, stolen, or damaged.

We can help you with:

-Claims regarding lost packages and items that were damaged while in transit

-Claims regarding stolen packages and items