260 Million+ Packages Were Stolen Last Year - How to Protect Yourself

Thanks to the wide array of companies that offer products for sale on the internet, it is now easier than ever to shop online and have products delivered right to your door. However, despite the fact that it has become increasingly easy to buy products online, this does not necessarily mean that you will receive all of the products that you order. 

This is because there is an army of porch pirates in the United States that is stealing packages from doorsteps left, right, and center. In fact, according to a report from SafeWise, it is estimated that there were more than 260 million packages that were stolen in 2022 by thieves. This is up from 2010 million the year before. 

The statistics from this report reveal that not only is package theft a major problem in America, but it is getting significantly worse. 

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Why is Package Theft Getting Worse? 

One of the biggest reasons why package theft is getting worse is that online shopping has dramatically increased since the start of the pandemic. In fact, 28 percent of consumers say that they have done more online shopping in 2022 compared to 2021. This means that there are simply more packages lying around on doorsteps, porches, and stoops. More packages mean more opportunities for thieves to strike. 

 Additionally, many people have returned to work after working remotely during the pandemic. Yet, a lot of these people are still doing a significant portion of their shopping online. This means that their packages might be sitting on their doorsteps for longer periods of time since they are not home to take the package inside quickly. This also increases the opportunity for porch pirates to strike. 

 Besides these reasons, package theft is an extremely easy crime to commit. It does not require any advanced criminal skills or technical know-how. It’s simply a matter of seeing the package, walking up, and stealing it. Also, there is a very low chance of getting caught.

 In fact, less than 10% of package thieves are ever caught. 

 One more thing that could be contributing to the rise of package theft is the fact that wage growth has failed to keep up with price increases for over 17 consecutive months. So, in other words, for millions of Americans, it is getting increasingly harder to afford things. The harder that it gets to afford things, the more temptation people have to steal packages. 

Protect your packages

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Why You Should Care About Package Theft

Roughly 49 million Americans have had at least one package stolen from them in the last twelve months. This means that even if you haven’t had a package stolen from you yet, there is a very good chance that you will be victimized by package theft at some point. Having a package stolen is very distressing. Not only do you not get your items, but it can make you feel unsafe. 

Further, not all online retailers and eCommerce stores are willing to refund you if you have your package stolen. Considering the fact that the value of the average package that is stolen in America is $112.30, if you can’t get a refund for your stolen package, you could be out more than $100. 

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How to Protect Yourself from Package Theft 

Luckily, even though package theft in America is extremely common, there are things that you can do to protect yourself against the risks of having your package stolen. The first thing that you should do to protect yourself is to sign up for email or text message notifications for shipping if they are available. These notifications allow you to track your package and to be informed when the package is delivered to your property. 

Just knowing when your package has arrived is extremely beneficial because it cuts down the risk of you accidentally leaving your package unattended on your doorstep for hours or even more than a day. 

Aside from this step, you can also sign up for eCommerce shipping insurance. E-commerce shipping insurance is a type of insurance that provides coverage in the event that your package is lost, stolen, or damaged. Some package delivery insurance companies such as ShipInsure, one of the best third-party shipping insurance companies, are allowing eCommerce companies to integrate their insurance coverage options right onto their shopping carts for free. 

So, at the time of checkout, customers have the option to choose whether or not they would like to add parcel protection insurance. ShipInsure has protected over 429,000 packages worth over $25 million in total and has a claims approval rate of 97%. 

Add ShipInsure

Shipping insurance is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the risks of package theft because it provides you a way to get financial relief if one of your packages is stolen. In fact, having parcel insurance is one of the few ways that you can get peace of mind knowing that if your parcel is stolen, you will not have to suffer a significant financial loss. 

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No one wants to go through the process of having a package stolen. However, unfortunately, tens of millions of people in the U.S. are going through it every year now. The package theft problem has gotten so bad in America that many people are actively seeking solutions to it. 

Currently, there are few solutions to actually stop the packages from being stolen and the vast majority of package thieves are never caught or punished. However, shipping protection through package delivery insurance is advancing steadily and becoming more widely available. 

So, if you would like to protect yourself from porch piracy, then consider getting parcel protection insurance through a company like ShipInsure. 

If your favorite eCommerce brands do not currently have a ShipInsure package protection option, then you can ask them to add it. After all, eCommerce brands can add this insurance option for customers for free. So, there is virtually no downside for them to do so.



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