3 Key Mistakes eCommerce Companies Make


In the past few years, eCommerce has grown significantly in popularity. In fact, in 2022, the US had $904.9 billion in total eCommerce revenue, which was up from $704.6 billion in 2020. However, despite the fact that eCommerce has grown in popularity and that more people than ever are shopping online, many eCommerce companies are still making a number of critical mistakes. These mistakes are hurting their businesses and preventing them from taking their sales numbers to the next level. 


Here are 3 key mistakes that eCommerce companies make on a regular basis. 


1. Unattractive Website Design 

If your eCommerce website has an unattractive design, then it can cause your website visitors to leave. Your website should be clean, simple, and elegant. When an eCommerce website is too overwhelming, too busy, and too cluttered, it can make the visitor feel overwhelmed. It only takes roughly 50 milliseconds for your website visitors to form a first impression about your website. This means that it is crucial that your website is visually appealing. If you own an eCommerce site, you might want to consider hiring a professional designer to design the look of your website. This can increase the chances of your website being visually appealing instead of unattractive. 

2. Not Offering Shipping Insurance 

Shipping insurance is insurance that offers customers protection in case their packages are lost, damaged, or stolen before they receive them in the mail. Unfortunately, package theft is still a major problem. In fact, currently, about 49 million Americans have at least one package stolen every year. So, offering parcel protection insurance gives customers the peace of mind that they need to feel comfortable buying products from your website. You can get eCommerce shipping insurance from ShipInsure.io. Offering package delivery insurance can boost your conversion rate by 36 percent. 


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3. Complicated Checkout Process 

The simple fact is that if your checkout process is too complicated, then you will generate fewer sales. This is because your customers will find it tedious and will be much more likely to abandon their carts. To fix this problem, it should be very easy for your customers to add products to their shopping carts and check out. There should be as few steps as possible to complete the checkout process. If your checkout process has too many steps, then it is time to adjust it so that it has fewer steps and is easier to use. Once you simplify your checkout process, you should be able to see an uptick in sales. If you don’t it means that there could be a problem with a different aspect of your eCommerce website. 



Reaching the next level of success for your eCommerce company could be a lot closer than you think. However, if you are still making common eCommerce mistakes, then these things can be holding you back. It is common for eCommerce companies to make the mistakes mentioned in this blog - unattractive websites, a lack of shipping insurance, and a complicated checkout process. If you are currently making any of these mistakes, then you should strongly consider taking action to correct them ASAP.

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