How Shipping Protection Works

With the rise of porch pirates, lost packages, and online fraud, many online businesses and consumers are looking for a solution that protects them without the hassle. Fortunately, shipping protection helps protect both businesses and shoppers against loss, theft, and damage of shipped packages.


What is Shipping Protection?

Shipping protection, also known as package protection or parcel protection, is a means of ensuring that shipped goods are protected against theft, damage, or loss. Businesses employ shipping insurance as an effective tool to create an improved customer experience. The protection or insurance is there to ensure that if any item is damaged or lost while in transit, you will receive sufficient funds to cover a replacement shipment. In other words, you won’t lose out in terms of both product or money, if you opt for shipping protection. 


Conventionally, most businesses are only occupied with the purchasing aspect and do often overlook the post-purchase journey. Customer loyalty can be negatively impacted when a package arrives damaged or broken, or when the purchase never arises at all due to being lost or stolen. This is why shipping insurance makes the difference during the purchase journey. It not only ensures that items reach their destinations successfully but are in very good shape and condition. Although shipping protection adds to the total cost of shipping, it eventually pays huge dividends. 

As with all forms of insurance, shipping insurance works in such a way that customers pay premiums on shipping items to protect them against theft, damage, and loss. If the recipient claims it arrived damaged, the shipping insurance will cover both the buyer and the recipient. If you don’t have shipping insurance in place and the parcel gets lost or arrives damaged, you will be forced to either:

  • Send the customer a replacement item free of charge.

  • Receive negative reviews from the client if you refuse to send a replacement, or

In essence, shipping insurance will protect you against such scenarios, while saving you money.  One of the best brands you can trust with your purchases is ShipInsure. ShipInsure provides customers with a means to ensure their parcels during checkouts. ShipInsure protects your packages from the moment they are shipped until they arrive on your very doorstep. If your parcel gets lost, damaged, or stolen in transit, ShipInsure oversees your claims and ensures that all your claims and concerns are well attended to, either by reshipping a new order or issuing a refund. 

To enjoy our services, simply sign-up for ShipInsure. You can rest knowing fully well that your packages are properly protected and you do not bear any financial liability if your shipments do not arrive in good condition. Once the customer files a claim with us, ShipInsure will collect all relevant information and quickly send the refund or reship to the customer.


Benefits of Shipping Protection

Shipping challenges can disrupt customers’ experience and siphon off vital resources and customers. Offering your customers, shipping insurance comes with the following benefits:

1. Improves Post-Purchase Experience

Providing shipping insurance to your customer is an effective way to enhance their post-purchase experience. It gives customers instant peace of mind, and even if they choose not to utilize the option, they leave your page knowing that your brand cares enough about them to offer them a level of protection.

Boosts Customer Loyalty

2. Boosts Customer Loyalty

Customers will not re-use a brand that has difficult return or refund policies. Therefore, when you assist your customers in resolving shipping disputes they experience and don’t make them go through different strenuous processes that cost them money, you win new customers and retain old customers you would have otherwise lost. 

3. Safeguards Packages from Theft

The outbreak of the covid-19 pandemic forced many buyers to use eCommerce services in conducting their transactions. This, in turn, led to a rise in porch piracy, due to the huge amount of goods being shipped. This poses a significant threat to brands engaged in shipping services. However, eCommerce shipping insurance provides brands with an avenue to protect shipments against theft, damage, or loss that might occur to items during shipment.

Customers Peace of Mind  

4. Gives Customers Peace of Mind 

Delivery anxiety is a real and serious phenomenon that can erode customer confidence and loyalty if customers are not given assurances that their order is going as planned. Thanks to the lag between the time for making a purchase and home delivery, it is easy for the anxiety to fester. However, shipping insurance is a vital tool that helps to reduce delivery anxiety during the post-purchase period. If clients are aware that there is a policy in place that helps to protect against damaged or lost goods, they will be less likely to worry. This translates to a more positive post-purchase experience and happier customers.

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