Making the Most of Shopify’s Customized Checkouts

When it comes to optimizing conversions for eCommerce stores, having a smooth checkout process is absolutely essential. 

One company that is making it easier for eCommerce companies to create a better checkout experience is Shopify. Shopify offers its merchants the ability to customize various elements of their checkout pages. The company has also expanded its global infrastructure to allow for faster page load speeds, which can also reduce friction during the checkout process. 

With Shopify’s customized checkouts, it is now possible for merchants to: 

  • Offer 1-Page Checkouts 

Shopify has rolled out an all-new one-page checkout that was inspired by Shop Pay’s proven conversion. Shopify has realized that the fewer pages customers have to click through and the fewer fields that the customer has to enter data into, the faster the checkout page is, and the higher the conversion rates are. Shopify’s 1-page checkouts could potentially help your company to increase its conversion rate if you are not already using it. 

  • Use the Drag and Drop Editor

Shopify’s Drag and Drop Editor lets you customize the look of your checkout page. You can change the background color, add your logo, install apps that integrate with the  Shopify checkout process to add more functionality, and more. The Drag and Drop Editor essentially lets you have a high degree of control of the look, feel, and functionality of your checkout, which is a very big deal. 

  • Add Delivery Dates and the Shop Promise 

Having delivery dates can help motivate your customers to complete the checkout process, and it can give them a lot more confidence to make purchases from your store. Shopify lets you display smart delivery dates that are predicted by Shopify and are backed by a limited guarantee if they are missed. Adding delivery dates increases conversion rates by up to 25%

  • Offer Signed-In Shopping 


Shopify allows you to identify and sign in high-intent Shop users before they reach checkout. These users can sign in with their Shop credentials which can include saved passkeys. Once they are signed into Shop, they will have the opportunity to complete one-click checkouts using Shop Pay. which can lower bounce rates and increase conversion.


So, essentially, through its customized checkout options, Shopify has made it possible for eCommerce brands to streamline their checkout processes in order to reduce friction and increase conversions. If you are a merchant who uses Shopify, then you should strongly consider taking advantage of all of the options that Shopify offers with its customized checkouts. Even if you can just integrate one of these options, it could potentially make a big difference for your bottom line. 


However, even though Shopify has significantly improved the checkout process for merchants, there are other things that merchants can do besides speeding up page load time, adding logos and theme colors, and reducing the amount of fields data has to be entered into to check out. 

In fact, one of the single most important things that online merchants can do to boost their conversion rates is to add shipping insurance. 



What is Shipping Insurance? 

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Shipping insurance is insurance that eCommerce companies offer to their customers to ensure that if their order is lost or stolen, that can receive compensation for their losses. Considering that every year, 49 million Americans have at least one package stolen from them, parcel protection insurance is needed now more than ever.  


Where Can Ecommerce Companies Get Package Insurance? 


There are a number of companies that offer shipping insurance. ShipInsure is one such company. ShipInsure has protected over 429,000 orders worth collectively over $25 million. It also has a 97% claims approval rate. This means that almost every single order that goes lost or missing or gets damaged will be covered by ShipInsure. 


When customers know that there is a 97 percent chance that they will be covered in the event that their package is lost, stolen, or damaged, it helps to establish trust between your brand and them. This trust can dramatically improve conversion rates. In fact, merchants who add ShipInsure’s package delivery insurance see an average conversion rate increase of 36%. Additionally, adding ShipInsurance package insurance increases average order values by 27%


So, eCommerce companies who use ShipInsure to provide package delivery insurance not only can give their customers greater peace of mind, but they can also improve their overall sales by a significant margin. 

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Does ShipInsure Integrate with Shopify? 


Yes, eCommerce companies who use Shopify can easily integrate the ShipInsure app into their checkout pages. Shopify allows merchants to integrate a wide variety of apps. You can see a list of these apps here. The process of integrating the ShipInsure app into your checkout page is extremely simple and can be done very quickly. ShipInsure has agents that can walk you through all of the steps if you need help with it. 


Once the ShipInsure app is integrated into your eCommerce website checkout page, your customers will be able to use the insurance coverage if they would like to do so. This is a great benefit to them because it gives them protection against porch pirates and other package thieves, which unfortunately are all too common in the modern world. 


The Bottom Line 


The bottom line is that because package theft is on the rise and is showing no sign of slowing, it is more and more important for eCommerce companies to offer package insurance. Companies that do offer shipping insurance will have a significant advantage over companies that do not. 


ShipInsure is an excellent option for companies who want to start offering package insurance. It can be easily and quickly installed and the company also provides ongoing support as needed. Additionally, ShipInsure is 100 percent free for merchants! So, there really is no reason why merchants shouldn’t start offering it. It is essentially all upside with no downside. 


ShipInsure can help to create happier, more loyal, and more trusting customers. This is good for business and it can help take your company’s profitability to the next level. If you don’t have parcel protection insurance for your eCommerce yet, then on considering ShipInsure today.

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