Solutions for DropShipping Businesses

If your business uses dropshipping to get products to your customers, you know that it can save you a fortune in the costs you would otherwise have to spend to stock the inventory. Instead of paying to maintain warehouses for all of your products, you can rely on a third-party supplier or manufacturer to manage inventory and ship the products directly to your customers. However, while you may be saving on costs upfront, you could be setting yourself up for issues down the road.

With dropshipping, your business has no control over the shipping process but takes full responsibility for any issues or delays related to the shipment. Consequently, if a shipment sent by your supplier is lost, stolen, or damaged, you may need to pay out-of-pocket to compensate your customer. Needless to say, this could be a huge financial burden for your business over the long term, potentially costing you thousands of dollars to pay for issues that are completely out of your hands. 

With ShipInsure, you get shipping protection to prevent dropshipping issues from taking away your hard-earned money. Since dropshipping takes the responsibility of shipping items out of your hands at a high cost, we take back your ability to manage your company's processes. While your supplier or manufacturer will still manage shipments, your customers will have the ability to pay for ShipInsure coverage. When this happens, we will pay for any legitimate non-delivery or damage claims for you. In other words, you won’t have to pay for mistakes that you didn’t make. 

At ShipInsure, we believe in protecting small businesses from financial ruin. While it may sound dramatic, the cost of using an unreliable or careless supplier could literally put you out of business. With shipping protection by ShipInsure, you can trust that your shipments are insured from the start of a delivery until the moment it is dropped at its destination, shielding you from unwanted liability claims. 

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