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Give your customers that extra piece of mind

Package theft is at an all-time high in the United States. According to research, 1.7 million packages are stolen or lost every day, resulting in $25 million in lost or stolen goods. ShipInsure protects your customers and gives them the assurance of one-click claim resolution should things go wrong 

Take the weight off your shoulders

When a customer selects ShipInsure, our team handles claims for lost, stolen, or damaged shipments. Instant approvals alleviate headaches for customers and merchants; and gives you and your team one less thing to worry about. We're all about improving your customer's experience.



Cost effective for your customer and bonus revenue for you

Customers pay from 98¢ per order to guarantee ShipInsure protection on all items in their order. For orders over $100, your customers pay 1%. Regardless of goods, the protection is comprehensive and is sure to boost your sales conversion while you too reap revenue from each ShipInsure coverage purchased.

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Why Choose ShipInsure


100% FREE for Merchants

The customer pays for us to insure their package for usually less then a dollar(or 1% of orders over $100)


Turn Refunds Into Revenue

Say goodbye to losing profits due to refunds and reships. On all customer claims, we take the hit not you.


Build Trust With Your Customers

Add that trust factor to your site and give your customers peace of mind that their package will be delivered and they are covered if anything happens.


Focus on Your Buisness

We take the weight off your shoulders when it comes to dealing with upset customers over their stolen lost or damaged in shipping. Giving you a piece of mind to grow your business.


One Click Claim Process

With our easy claims service customers don't have to waste time anymore and can easily file a claim for a lost, stolen or damaged product.


24/7 Customer Service

We know how important your store is to you, that's why we set you up with a personal account manager to help you with any of your needs

Easy To Install

Step 1:


 Installation is quite simple and hassle free, 1 minute auto installation with no added friction at checkout. Our widget is designed to ensure fast page loads while fitting perfectly in your cart. 

Step 2:


Our United States based support team is available for installation. Even if you choose to auto install, someone from our team will be in contact in a matter of hours to make sure our widget is installed properly on your store.

We want this to be as easy as possible for you.


ShipInsure links directly to your Shopify store

Speed tested, Smooth integration with your Shopify store

Say goodbye to losing your profit due to reships or refunds

Gives your customer peace of mind when purchasing from your store

Takes the weight off your shoulders when it comes to dealing with upset customers



Gives merchants piece of mind know their package is insured

Build trust with customers

100% FREE for the merchant

Revenue sharing program

Increase your sales by over 63%

Decrease your abandoned cart rate

24/7 technical support

Revenue Sharing Program

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