How Shipping Protection Works

With the rise of porch pirates, lost packages and online fraud, many online businesses and consumers are looking for a solution which protects them without the hassle. Fortunately, shipping protection helps protect both businesses and shoppers against loss, theft, and damage of shipped packages.


Insuring Parcels Against Loss, Theft, or Damage

Shipping protection with ShipInsure gives your business the ability to offer shoppers the option to insure their parcels during checkout. ShipInsure protects packages as soon as they are shipped until they arrive on the doorstep of your customer. If a parcel gets lost, stolen, or damaged along the way, ShipInsure handles the claim and makes sure that your customer is satisfied with the claim resolution,  either by  issuing a refund or a reship of  a new order.

As soon as you sign up for ShipInsure, your shipping protection begins, you can rest easy knowing that you have shipping protection that takes the financial liability off of your shoulders if and when shipments do not arrive in good condition to your customer. Once a claim is filed, ShipInsure gathers all the relevant information from your customers, quickly sends the refund  or reship to the customer.


The Customer Experience

ShipInsure  makes shipping protection as simple and painless as possible for your customers. When customers make a purchase on your store, they will be given the option to get ShipInsure shipping protection. If they choose ShipInsure, the package will be covered until it arrives at their home. However, if they do not opt into ShipInsure, their package will not be protected, leaving their order at risk for being lost, damaged or stolen.

With ShipInsure, customers can easily make a claim if they do not receive their shipment or if it arrives damaged. Anyone who opts into ShipInsure protection can make a claim at this link: File a ShipInsure Claim. Once a claim has been filed, we will communicate directly with customers to determine if the claim warrants a payout, in which case we send funds directly to your customer to repair or replace the shipment.


Is Offering Shipping Protection Worth It?

A lot of eCommerce business owners want to know if shipping protection is really worth it. This is a fair question, as it doesn’t make sense to enroll in a service unless it can improve your business and help your bottom line. Thankfully, shipping protection with ShipInsure can do both. Not only does it give your customers the option to add an extra layer of protection to their parcels, but it also protects your business from the risk of paying for lost, stolen, or damaged shipments out of pocket and better yet it's free to use!

In the vast majority of cases, the seller of a product is liable for a package that does not arrive at its destination or gets damaged along the way. While you can file claims with third-party delivery services, it could take months just to get the funds to reship the package. If you have expensive packages lost in the mail, this could cause significant cash flow issues for your business. With ShipInsure, you don’t have to worry about filing claims or digging up paperwork to get your funds. Instead, we provide comprehensive shipping protection and get the customer the funds needed to repair or reorder parcels in a matter of days — not months.